Monday, 9 September 2013

Burogu wa henshin o motte ita!

So, What do ya think? It looks ok personally. Ive been spending most of the morning scouring the net for information on Sony's conference this morning (There'll be a post later!) so I didn't really have as much time as I thought I would do with regards to sexying up the blog (although I probably could've just gotten away with putting some Shimapan somewhere n calling it quits. eh? Yeah, you know you wish I did) Ill look into a proper makeover at a later date but this should suffice for now at least. Gotta be better than before at least?

Ive also now enabled comment posts Anonymously. There will no doubt be trolls posting the usual drivel like 'weeabo' but Im hoping that there will be at least be people with a decent enough IQ who will visit and post some worthy comments. But if I start seeing a lot of this:
   Then I will be forced to apply comment moderation. I really don't want to be doing something like that though so Im hoping common sense can prevail. At the end of the day its down to you visitors how things move forward with regards to comments, so if you want them to remain open and free then at least comment with intelligence & respect for others. Thats all Im asking at the moment.

Pop back later for an update on Sony's conference (There some Vita suprises to discuss!) and as always, you can follow my Twitter for up-to-date News & Posts regarding the blog @MadchesterManc

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