Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Senran Kagura 3DS/Vita/PsP news!

This weeks issue of Famitsu has teased & confirmed some Senran Kagura goodies for both the 3DS & Vita

It seems the 3DS will be getting the next instalment of the series, while the Vita gets a spin-off. Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is being developed by the same studio as the original release (Tamsoft) and will see a release on August 7th in Japan. Gameplay is said to be be the same as Burst, so very much in the same vein as a side-scrolling brawler. Notable differences so far come in the form of Boss encounters now playing out on a 3D plane & also the inclusion of 2 male characters added to the roster (Named as Kagura & Naraku with Murasame added if you import saved data from Burst) The biggest inclusion though stems from the addition of Co-op & Tag-Team modes, although little information is shared for how they work just yet. With Burst receiving a western release, this could also make its way to our shores depending on how the EU launch fares in February I guess.


....the Vita spin-off release entitled Dekamori Senran Kagura, has been categorised by Famitsu as a “hyper big-breasted cooking-rhythm game” A bonkers Vita spin-off, what a surprise! While the game does focus on the rhythm game mechanics for gameplay, characters still manage to 'lose' clothes somehow (probably dependant on your performance) in true Senran Kagura fashion. Its still a little early to to gather my thoughts on the game, but I do enjoy rhythm games (loving K-ON for the PsP at the moment) so my mind is open to tying this. Dekamori Senran Kagura is slated for a release on 20th March in Japan. With Shinovi Versus not making its way west on Vita, We probably wont be seeing this one.

Theres also Seran Kagura EV, related somehow to Shinovi Versus, that is rumoured to be launching on an unspecified Sony platform. No more news yet released for that one though.


  1. Senran kangura EV HOPEFULLY vita<3

  2. Dekamori is actually Vita only.

  3. Oohw, we will change then ASAP. Thanks for letting us know.

  4. Also I think Shinovi Versus has a decent shot at getting localized. XSEED will probably skip this one though.

  5. That would be a dream. Uuhm i have to ask Geoffrey to change the article before i delete stuff ( I have a habbit of being clumsy)