Thursday, 28 November 2013

Otaku Mobile Games v3.0

So here we are again. Its become something of a monthly ritual looking at a few mobile games, but with how fast the mobile scene moves along its no wonder. I hadn't looked into any other games for a few weeks and then decided to do so last week only to be met by a barrage of new titles. I managed to get about another dozen last week so I'm able to do another post although Ive only managed to try out a handful of those dozen, which I'm going to look at today. With me having a Vita & 3DS (and a PsPgo recently purchased again), I don't tend to look to my phone as being my go-to handheld device so I don't have as much time to spend on these games as I do others. Still, I'm sure you'll be intrigued as to what Ive managed to dig up!

フェアリーディフェンス - Fairy Defense (Android) [FREE]
A FREE Tower defence game featuring a host of cute fairies battling Orcs n the like? Why not! The app stores these days seem to be filled to the brim with all manner of tower defence games, mainly military orientated so its refreshing to find one that goes all Kawaii with a moe style. In truth, Ive never really been a fan of these type of games as it always seems to be that theres only a couple of set patterns to deploy in so if you don't match one then you fail. This game sometimes falls into the same trapfall, but for the most part it seems to be a tad easier. A total of 15 levels await your completion and there are 12 unit types to collect altogether. While it won't take up too much of your time to finish off, it may surprise you how enjoyable it is compared to its peers (The game is in Japanese. The UI is intuitive enough and theres enough English used to be able to play the game perfectly well though so don't let that deter you)

Smack☆Holic (Android) [£0.79]
Now this is what I would refer to as a hardcore Otaku mobile game. It will only interest those that are an ardent Otaku. The entirety of the game is based on this one simple premise - spanking your moe styled maid girl. Its that simple. Theres nothing else to the game. Once it starts your maid is stood up against the wall and you tap your phones screen to give her a smack. Yeah. Even myself, the moe fan that I am, didn't really see the appeal with this one though. There are unlockables in the form of costumes, items & titles but they don't unlock often enough (1k hits only unlocked a few items & titles) Id say its only worth getting if you just have to spank some moe, otherwise its not worth your time. If you do decide to take a punt, Id also recommend turning the volume down. The cries and moans Meiko lets out will get you some funny looks indeed.

Save Toshi (Android / iPhone) [FREE]
Save Toshi is not what you would expect it to be from the screenshots you first see. The screenshots show a girl dancing on a disco dancefloor so I assumed it would be some kind of rhythm game but it instead turned out to be a 3D physics based puzzler. Your objective in the game is to ensure you get Toshi to the dancefloor with as little moves by yourself as possible to make sure you get the full 3 star rating. This is harder than it sounds at first when other materials aside from wood get thrown into the mix. 100+ levels and some surprisingly nice 3D graphics will keep you coming back to beat your ratings.

Destroy Gunners SPa (Android) [F2P]
What we have here is a 3rd Person Mech game. Levels consist of the usual destruction of enemies and objectives that you find in almost every other game of this type. Here though, RPG style loot drops have been added that allow you to customise and equip your Mech with all manner of gizmo's & weapons. The graphics and style the game has is impressive at times. Those fond of Anime mech series may enjoy this aspect of the game a lot. Unfortunately, the controls can be a tad iffy at times. Instead of using the standard 2 thumb approach, the camera rotation is given its own control aside from the aiming. It takes a little getting used to. Micro-transactions for more levels beyond a few also rears its head, but its till worth a try as the base game is free.

Theres a lack of iPhone links this time. I do indeed look on iTunes as well when doing these posts but for the most part these games just aren't available on that platform. I can only surmise that Apple have a stricter policy in play for their app store compared to Google. Still, Ill keep providing links for the games to each platform when available. As noted in the opening paragraph I still have even more titles to look at from the batch last week so I may do another post next week if there are any more games worth passing on. If there's any mobile games in particular you feel we should let the world know about, get in touch and let us know either here or on our Twitter

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