Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Dream C Club: GoGo release penned

D3 has finally penned in a release date for the latest release of its Dream C Club: GoGo title on Playstation 3 for April in Japan. This follows on from the Free-to-play Dream C Club set to release at the launch of the Playstation 4.

For those unaware, the series is basically a dating-sim of sorts whereby you talk & drink with the various hostesses. Each girl has a different taste & personality to the others to keep things interesting. Drinks now include a rank on how potent they are and the girls can also partake in Karaoke, with a performance boost if their spirits are raised!

The most intriguing prospect for the title to me is the costume crossover that D3 has implemented with Earth defense Force. Ive only ever tried the game on PsP myself so the series is relatively unknown to me otherwise.
Are you looking to import?


  1. Awesome. Definitely importing this. So glad we get another release for the PS3 of this series.

  2. I may be doing the same. I've been enjoying the Portable version on PsP lately but my favourite hostess from that release, a cute & older Kagamine Rin lookalike, doesn't seem to be in the line-up for the latest iteration of the series. Such a shame...

  3. Also want to import this... But my japanese is so terrible :( Just started thanks to Geoff

  4. Not sure how much you know but at least in the first game and Zero the conversations are fairly simple (with some exceptions). Also I find that playing a game like this also helps improve one's Japanese quite a lot since it's like 90% dialogue accompanied by text and the menus are very simple to understand.