Thursday, 9 January 2014

Famitsu Interview with FFX/X-2 writer Kazushige Nojima

Theres been a few rumblings of Final Fantasy writer Kazushige Nojima wanting to work on a possile FFX-3. With X/X-2 just being released in Japan. Famitsu caught up with him for an interview and he shares some of his thoughs on FFX/X-2 & the future...

Famitsu asks him to share his thoughts of the time when Square Enix first decided to start working on FFX-2
“‘Huh?!’ and ‘Seriously?’ were my honest thoughts at the time,” shares Nojima. “And especially having Yuna even get a new costume design.

Famitsu asks him to walk us through the process of writing for Final Fantasy X-2 and Last Mission -
We had several ending patterns prepared, but when it came to ‘what about a happy ending? at the time, I thought ‘no, there can’t be one’,” shares Nojima. “However, after the game was released and I was able to see the fan reaction to it, I changed my mind.”

Famitsu then asked about his thoughts when the HD Remaster was first announced -
I also thought ’Huh?!’ and ‘Seriously?’ for this as well,” shares Nojima with a laugh. “In the past, when we had a new console generation, we couldn’t play older games on them, but recently I felt that we really can’t lower our guard for that anymore.

Famitsu asks him about his thought process during the writing of new material for FFX -
I wrote it while thinking ‘this should be a game’,” says Nojima. “So it was a mix of thinking ‘ahh, all the spoilers’ and ‘but I would want to surprise them’ and things like that. For the record, there’s a plot from start to finish, and if there’s some way we can have it show up elsewhere… well, so I’ve said to Square Enix.”

Famitsu asks who the easiest character to write in the series was -
It’d have to be Tidus during the first half of Final Fantasy X,” answers the writer. “He was always full of questions and such, so it was pretty easy.” That said, Nojima continues, Tidus needs to search for answers in the second half of the game, and Nojima struggled alongside him.

Famitsu then asked about the most difficult to write for -
It’d have to be Lulu,” says Nojima. “If she were just cute, it would’ve been simpler, but I had no samples in mind of how a pretty or beautiful lady like her would think or live. I don’t think that Watanabe (Daisuke) who worked with me had any ideas either.

Famitsu finally asked what kind of story a FFX-3 would entail, upon which the answer was “It’s a secret,”

FFX/X-2 HD remasters launch on March the 18th (US) & the 21st (EU) What do you think of the possibility of a FFX-3? Should the story for FFX be left alone or should the lore be expanded?

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