Monday, 23 June 2014

News: New Etrian Odyssey Teased?

Atlus has opened a new website to tease a new game announcement coming in the future.
The game in question could possibly be a new entry in the Etrian Odyssey series. What to know how people are coming to that conclusion? Gematsu explains:
  • The site, which is titled “This is not broccoli,” features a 10,000 meter-tall tree. When you climb to the top, you’ll find the above “2DX.”
  • An “sq” can be found in the URL to the site, which has been in all previous Etrian Odyssey teaser sites.
  • Additionally, Etrian Odyssey is known as Labyrinth of the World Tree in Japan.
A possible new Etrian Odyssey then? No doubt confirmation will come soon enough.

Source [Gematsu] [Teaser site]


  1. Etrian Odyssey II remake, obviously.

  2. Well that sucks for me, still playing EO Millenium Girl. If only I had more free time id have beaten it by now, oh well glad for everyone who's excited over this anouncement.

  3. Don't rush, Etrian Odyssey I took me about 2 years to completely beat. (Comparable to the classic mode on hard in Untold.) Post game boss is or rather was just overkill. And as far as I know they've removed (or weakened) the one skill that actually worked good against him (Immunize).

  4. There probably won't be an EOV anytime soon. Easier to make cash on all the remakes.

    Besides, EOV must feature submarines. It's just the natural next step.