Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Monster Monpiece..in English!?

It seems someone at Idea Factory got a little careless the other day, as Gematsu reported. A few screenshots of Monster Monpiece managed to make there way onto Idea Factory International's official website. Whats odd about that? Well that website if for the newly opened office in the US & the screenshots also happened to be in English! Could it be the recently opened buildings first foray into localising a title for our shores? Who knows, but the images are all marked with a 2014 date and the title has apparently recently received a PEGI rating. All we are awaiting now is confirmation!


  1. Great, i hope everything is coming over *girl rubbing

  2. I could see there being some cut content at least but with it looking like IF instead of NISa are doing the localisation, it may be uncut. A PEGI 12 does leave one wondering tho

  3. No, i want full content... Hope it's uncut.