Wednesday, 15 January 2014

PS4/PS Vita Japanese inspired horror game Kodoku shows it's scary face

A studio called Carnivore studio just released some screenshots/trailer  for it's upcoming game Kodoku.
The title is heavily inspired by Japanese and imaginary. The game is described as an horror exploration game.

What is interesting about the title is that you can't fight enemies in a regular way with a weapon but with magic, stealth and diversions. As your vita editor this sounds very interesting. It sounds like something like the PC game Amnesia: the dark descent and that game is totally up my alley.

Scary huh? It has given me goose bumps. There are some more screenshots below this trailer.

The screen show some pretty gruesome views. As a horror fan i'm looking forward to this game. Putting my headphones and feel the tension.. What's your thought about this game?! Feel free to comment your idea's below in the comment section.

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