Friday, 17 January 2014

New screenshots Girls und Panzer & Info ! PANZER VOR

Namco Bandia released some information and screenshots about the title Girls und Panzer: Master the tank road. For the people who don't know Girls und Panzer I have a short description about the story below.

Girls und panzer is about a girl named Miho Nishizumi.She is part of a famous lineage of tankers well known for their Nishizumi style. She has disgraced her families name by abandoning her position in order to save her drowning team mate, leading to her teams defeat ( In Japan riding a Panzer and fighting each other is a national sport). Shaken by the whole experience Miho wishes to never to compete in the art of Panzer. As result she transfered to a school uninvolved in the sports. However, for some reason the art of Panzer is revived an Miho was forced to be the tank commander. Girls und panzer is one of my favorite shoujo/military anime.

The information shared by Namco bandia and translated by Gematsu gives us some more information about the story mode.

The story mode follows the plot of the TV anime ( Yes, avid fan here). These includes the battles against St.Gloriana Girls High school, Pravda Girls High School and Kuromorimine Girls High school.

In Battle Royale mode, over 30 tanks can participate and players can form their own teams. WOW, pinch me because i feel like i'm dreaming. Every bit of news sounds fantastic.

Below their are some new released screenshots. Panzer und Girls will be released on the 26th of June ( My birthday, this must be a sign)

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