Thursday, 13 March 2014

A few Ace Attorney revelations by Takumi

In an interview with our Official Nintendo Magazine in the U.K., Ace Attorney series creator Shu Takumi says that he originally had no intention of carring on with the series once the third entry was sone -

I felt that Phoenix’s story had been told, and that the series should not continue,” Takumi revealed. “Knowing when to end a story is very important and I wanted to avoid dragging it out and having it become a shadow of its former self"

Takumi went on to work on Apollo Justice, but he was against bringing Phoenix Wright back for the fourth entry game too -

Years later, when it was decided within Capcom that Ace Attorney 4 would go ahead, my position was that we should change the main character and tell a new story,” Takumi says. “I didn’t plan to have Phoenix in the game, but my colleagues said they wanted him to appear in some form, which is why he ended up being the accused in the first case in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

The latest game in the series, Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, introduced a new attorney named Athena as well as the old stalwarts in Phoenix & Apollo remaining. Takumi wasn’t involved with the release though. Rest assured, Takumi will be involved with a brand new Ace Attorney game that he also states will re-invent the series that no doubt will see a release on Nintendo's handheld in the coming months

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