Friday, 14 March 2014

Soul Sacrifice Delta Japanese demo is a nice gesture

A new demo of Soul Sacrifice Delta is out in Japan that actually allows players on the demo to play with those on the retail release. Ad hoc and online multiplayer are both available. Multiplayer missions included are a Worm battle, fight with the Three Little Pigs, a duel with the Frog Prince, a brawl with Beelzebub plus a Valkyrie, and a scuffle with Leviathan. Nice amount. It wouldn't be a demo of course if it didn't offer a sample of Soul Sacrifice Delta's story mode. Magician’s Test chapters one through six, the Corrupt Sorcerer chapter one, Savior’s Hersey chapter one, and Little Red Riding Hood chapter one are also available to play.

All in all, thats quite a bit of content for a demo & the ability to partake in missions with those on the retail version of the game is a nice gesture. Of course - story progress, characters, level, and items can be transferred into the retail version of the game once upgraded. Those with a Japanese PSN account may want to give this demo a try & get a sneak peek at whats in store if the sequel does indeed come to our shores.

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