Thursday, 13 March 2014

Famitsu details more Persona Q gameplay

The latest issue of Famitsu to hit the shelves gives us some more details on the upcoming Persona Q release for 3DS -

  • As in the Etrian Odyssey series, F.O.E. enemies will be making an appearance. These foes will be far more powerful than the usual riffraff shadows you'll encounter wile dungeon crawling. Although these enemies can be quite powerful, defeating one once your group is able to take one on does exact some just rewards. Think 'Death' in P3 but stronger. Famitsu also states a configurable difficulty is available at all times to ease things when they get to much.
  • The map-making aspect of Etrian Odyssey will also be making strides into Persona Q. As with previous releases in the Etrian Odyssey series, the bottom touchscreen will be used on the 3DS to allow you to draw a map of the dungeon - placing relevant markers in place for landmarks etc For those wary of this feature, tutorials will be available to show newcomers the ropes & an auto-mapping feature can be used instead for those not interested.

The more info we see, the more this release sounds more similar to Etrian Odyssey than Persona. I fear those new to the series with P4G may end up balking when this is released unless more aspects of the Persona series, aside from characters & setting, are detailed. Whats your view on staples of the Etrian Odyssey series gameplay taking root in the Persona universe? Let us know!

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