Monday, 26 May 2014

News: Crafting System Heading To FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV will allow players to recycle unwanted gears via a new crafting system. In a recent Q&A, Square Enix revealed that a desynthesis system will be introduced in an upcoming patch (2.3)

Q25: Can you tell us more about the desynthesis system?
A25: Simply put, you will be able to break down items and obtain materials? We understand players have unused gear which they have previously crafted or obtained through battle content and you will now be able to break them down. Also, there are rare materials that you can obtain through the desynthesis system.
Please note that this system does not just consist of pressing a button to break down an item. In fact, it consists of players using special desynthesis skills to break down an item. We specifically designed this content for the crafters to enjoy.

Q27: Are there any restrictions such as item levels for desynthesis?
A27: You won’t be able to desynthesize the highest item level items that were added in the most recent patch. Also, whether or not your desynthesis succeeds is dependent on your desynthesis skill and the item level of the item you are desynthing, so if you skill is low and attempt to desynthesize a high item level item, you don’t stand a chance at succeeding and it won’t be possible to desynth in cases like this.
As we move forward with patches, the items added recently will become possible to desynth.

Q26: Will the items you can obtain from desynthesis be random each time where you can obtain a rare item if you’re lucky?
A26: You’ll obtain a material that the item is made of. Depending on the level of your desynthesis skill and the level of the item you are desynthing, what kind of item and the amount you obtain will be vary. Obtaining these items, you can do something and obtain rare items. Also note that it’s not 100% you will get all the materials back.

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