Wednesday, 28 May 2014

News: Hyperdimension Neptunia Dengeki Info

The latest issue of Dengeki has some juicy Hyperdimension Neptunia info for PSVita.

  • Famitsu & Dengeki will both feature playable characters in Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U. Also, as with Tamsoft’s other beat ‘em up series ie Senran Kagura Burst, Ultra Dimension Neptunia U will have costume damage (Holy moly! take a look at that nosebleed inducing shimapan on Neptune in the scans below) Players will also be able to switch between two characters in battle on the fly, which should keep things interesting. No word on whether this will translate to a co-op mode just yet.
  • Dengeki PlayStation also reports that Sting-chan, a new character that represents the seasoned developer working on the game, will be available as downloadable content. IF and Compa will also be DLC characters too. As an added surprise, Tiara from Fairy Fencer F will be a downloadable guest character. Its not known how many characters will come post-launch, but with Planet Destroyer Black Heart focusing on game franchises instead of developers/publishers, anything is possible
Source [Siliconera] [Siliconera]
Scan of Sting-chan
 Ultradimension scans


  1. Man, i really hope this gets localized and brought to the west next year. I was a huge fan of Neptunia V but i don't personally have any interest in the upcoming pop idol spinoff, Neptunia PP.

    I want another true Neptunia jrpg experience for the Vita or ps3! :3

  2. No doubt they will make their way to the west via NIS America or Idea Factory. With the idol game, which we'll have a review for next week if you decide to take a look, seeing a very unexpected release here - I think we're almost garunteed to see most Neptunia titles from now on in the west.

    There has been a Victory II announced not too long ago, but there's still no platform confirmed for that release yet but its due in Japan later in the year