Wednesday, 20 August 2014

News: Earth Defense Force 2 Heading to Vita

D3 has announced that they will be remastering Earth Defense Force 2 for the PSVita this year.
Released in Japan as Earth Defense Force 2 Portable on the PsP, an enhanced version of the title called Earth Defense Force V2 is heading to PSVita this November. This remaster will obviously feature higher quality graphics, the “Air Raider” class from Earth Defense Force 2025,  4 player online multiplayer co-op & over four hundred weapons (Thats quite a boost over previous entries in the series) The game is set to launch in Japan during November, so expect more news closer to the time. Lets hope we'll see another EDF localisation.

Source [The Vita Lounge]


  1. With so many games coming out Q4 2014, this game made my skip list, sorry but I got to be honest.

  2. How dare you say that on one of my EDF news posts lol I'd say we won't be getting it in the west for at least 6 months after its Japanese release anyway. D3 always take their time localising the EDF series, except for insect armageddon that was developed in the west, so we good till next year. I may import this one tho as it may not arrive in the west at all, just a feeling...

  3. Didnt the previous one get localized?

  4. Aye it did. With the previous one though it was an enhanced port of EDF 2017 that released on the Xbox360 early in its cycle, so pretty much all the localising work was already done & it was still relatively fresh. EDF 2 did have an EU launch as Global Defense Force, but that was quite a while ago on Ps2. There's just as much of a chance we'll see a localisation as we won't with this one, I'm just not getting my hopes up just yet. I still have EDF 2 Portable on PsP anyway =)