Tuesday, 7 October 2014

News: ReBirth 3 V Century PSVita Screenshots

Compile Heart release a few Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3 V Century Screenshots.
Re;Birth 3 is a port to the PSVita of the original Victory release on Playstation 3, complete with additions that we've seen in previous releases in the Re;Birth ports. A release is pencilled in for the RPG on December 18th in Japan for the PSVita.


  1. Looks interesting!

  2. My only worry for this one is that it may not have enough added to warrant a purchase for those with the Ps3 version. The other had the luxury of being remstered onto the Victory engine, but V Century will only have whatever new additions, characters etc to differentiate itself. The fact its portable will probably be enough for most people though :) Just need news of the Noire Srpg & Neptunia U heading west now...

  3. That may be true, but you also got to remember that there are people like me who missed the chance to play them on the PS3 and will be flocking to the vita port for the first time.