Thursday, 8 May 2014

News: Atelier Rorona Plus release date announced

A release date for Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist Of Arland has been announced.
Tecmo Koei have given a date of the 20th June for both the Playstation 3 & PSVita. Whilst the Ps3 version will be receiving a retail release, the PSVita will be digital only (as per the other entries in the series) Some of the improvements & enhancements you can look forward to are detailed below - 

o   New character models,
o   New field model for more vibrant scenery,
o   Additional stories- new chapters featuring Totori and Meruru (the main characters of the other two parts of the Arland trilogy), extra content and new illustrations,
o   Additional Content, including various playable characters, maps, bosses, costumes and more
o   Improved Synthesis system and new assignment system,
o   Expanded Item Crafting
o   New battle system with advanced battle features, skill execution between various characters etc
o   A Time Capsule system that allow players to bury items in Atelier Rorona and pick them up in Atelier Meruru, and Totori (cross content with PS VITA versions of Atelier Meruru Plus and Atelier Totori Plus)
o   Over 30 different Endings: Depending on how you interact with characters and complete your missions, the ending will change, making for extremely high replay value.
o   Cross Save/ Share data between the PS3 and PSVITA versions.

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