Saturday, 21 June 2014

News: Persona Q Update & NISA EU Announcement

NIS America issued PR emails last night for 2 announcements.

  • First up - Persona Q. Theres still no firm date given for the title in the EU as of yet, but NISa confirmed that the EU will receive both physical & digital versions of the game. Not only that, but the Wild Cards premium edition announced by Atlus for NA will also be available for EU gamers via the soon to be opened Online Store from NISa for the EU
  • And that follows on to the second announcement. As with NA, the EU will have an online store from NISa whereby you'll be able to preoder & purchase your limited editions. Persona Q, Disgaea 4, Danganronpa 2 & Fairy Fencer F are the first few titles to have their collectors edition available to EU customers. The store is set to go live on July 1st.


  1. Yay, EU gets a whole FOUR games. Where's the champagne?