Monday, 16 June 2014

News: Final Fantasy Explorers Character Art & Screenshots

A website for Final Fantasy Explorers has been opened, and with it, some info.
The website contains a few screenshots, with character art too, so far with snippets of info about the upcoming Action-RPG. 4 Player multiplayer, summoning, dungeons & a job system have all been mentioned so far. Not much else is known for the title so far, a quick look at the website doesn't reveal anything in the way of a release window for the 3DS title unfortunately

The 4 classes to be playable in the game are as such:



Black Mage

White Mage

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  1. This looks like a nice edition to the FF lineage and the 4 classes released so far look nice. Also they are fully clothed so no censoring when it comes over :) *cough* bravely default *cough*