Thursday, 19 June 2014

News: Tales of Zestiria Heading West Sooner Than You'd Think.

Seems Tales Of Zestiria will arrive in the west much sooner than previous entries.
This PR snippet from E3 sheds some light on when we could expect the latest installment:

"One of the big things was, ‘It’s taking so long between the Japanese release and when the western releases come out," says Dennis Lee (global brand manager for the Tales series) "And so, over the past, I’d say, two years, they’ve been working really hard to shorten that time frame."

"We’ve gone from over two years with Xillia 1, and now we’ve gotten it down to a year, and we’re going to get it to less than that for Tales of Zestiria—it’s going to be in the same year as the Japanese release. So they’re working on shrinking that time down as much as possible."

Sounds like the days of waiting a couple of years for the latest installment in the Tales series has ended. 

Source [Gematsu]

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  1. Hell yeah. :) got every tales released so far. Apart from ds. Also imported xillia for tipo plush before the english one. Cant wait for both of the next tales on ps3. And hearts r. Just looking forward to the day of tales of ps4!