Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Feature: EBEZA & Otaku Gamers UK collaborate

Our Collaboration with EBEZA on Youtube has begun.
If you follow our Twitter, last night you would have come across the first of a new collaboration with EBEZA Plays Games on Youtube. This will be an ongoing series whereby one of our Editors will partake in 'Lets Play' sessions with the owner of the channel & show him how we done things in Akihibara. Other niche games being looked at in the future at some point, with Persona 4 Arena forming the start of this new venture for a few more episodes yet. If you didnt catch the first episode via twitter yesterday, here it is

"Join me, and Andi from OTAKU Gamers UK as I attempt to blindly play through "Persona 4: Arena" In this week's episode, I learn the game basics, and then attempt to fight Andi with only the tutorial for experience!"

EBEZA also has a long running Pokemon Red series that may be of interest to some of our readers here, so I'll embed the first episode of that & then if you like what you see, The rest can be found on EBEZA's Youtube Page (currentlly up to episode #16)


  1. Do you guys have a long history of collaborations? Cause I've seen a load of YouTube channels, always wondered why more sites dont do more collaboration works; they should work like shoutouts helping each other.

  2. We haven't done anything like this before to be honest. EBEZA is a friend of my co-editor Andi so it was relatively simple to set up I think. Its great for us to build a bit of awareness via Youtube & EBEZA gets access to our decent daily traffic. its a win-win situation like you say =) Im surprised there aren't more smaller websites out there looking to do this

  3. Agreed their are so many gaming/anime news channels with YouTube pages and podcast, that I can't help but wonder why they don't do more compilation works. Of course the venture should also make sence, I think the best one I came across was the vitacast podcast episode where they had youtuber BlueMaxima on. Both covered Playstation Vita news stories but they worked toghether even if it was only for one episode :)