Friday, 4 July 2014


Here at Otaku Gamers Uk we are always looking for new and interesting ways to entertain our current and potential new readers. 
Be it through our reviews, previews, news or announcements we strive to entertain niche video games fans, it's this vision that has driven us to reach out into more original content that you wouldn't usually find at other sites. 

This spawned our highly successful SEGA WEEK during our early months which eventually gave birth to the backbone of our site the Otaku Reviews!. Recently we began our adventure onto YouTube with our Nakama Ebeza Plays with his show Otaku Tuesdays. 

It's my personal feeling that the site is currently at one of it's strongest points in it's history which gives me the platform for something I have been interested in doing since the site's conception!. 

Over the coming months I shall be writing a diary of sorts of my first blind play-through of Sega's Kenzan!. This is an unreleased outside of Japan side story to the Yakuza series, as a personal love of mine I cannot wait to express this on the site. I will be seeking advice from YOU the readers as I play this hidden and long awaited gem, should this be a success I will be looking at also covering the PSP titles, Yakuza 5 and Ishin!. 
Who knows maybe Sega will take note and make this easier on me by producing a couple of these titles in english who knows! 

I must point out I know no Japanese what so ever so I shall be using walkthroughs and YouTube to help me through Kenzan!. I will be linking accordingly so anyone who decides to partake in playing Kenzan after reading the articles will have everything at their fingertips. 

Thank you for your time in reading this & I hope you will enjoy the first part of my Kenzan! Diary upon it's launch 


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