Wednesday, 30 July 2014

News: Latest Bullet Girls PSVita Trailer

The second Pre-launch trailer released by D3 for Bullet Girls.
This latest trailer introduces the games characters whilst taking a look at some of the games features, including its cloth damage system. Although the opening of the trailer features English narration, the rest is entirely in Japanese. The Third-Person shooter is set to launch in Japan on 21st August for the PSVita.


  1. Really hope D3 considers bringing this game over, it looks like such a promising IP.

  2. I keep reading peoples comparing the two. What's so great about Upotte!! I ask this as I haven't seen the anime?

  3. To be honest I couldn't really say whats so great about Upotte!!. I just find it endearing in the same way I do with K-ON. Its nothing special to most people, but I just find it a lot of fun to watch :) At only 10 episodes & an OVA, the anime is a little short, but the manga has been going for a while so you could check a few issues of that if your at all interested