Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Feature: Kenzan Diary 2

Welcome to my Kenzan! diary. 

It's been a while since this entry and the first one but that is due to me wanting to finish off Yakuza 4 before I turned my attention to Kenzan!. 

For the first chapter I ran it alongside the translated YouTube video and it was less than ideal, this time i'm reading from the translated walkthrough I posted in the first one (I'll provide the link at the bottom of the page again). Time to see how it worked out for me.

Chapter 2 was a flash back showing exactly why our hero Miyamoto Musashi is currently in hiding under a new name as seen in Chapter 1.

 It starts with him displaying some moves using 2 wooden swords, through a window a guy in armour watches on. Once his display is finished his students applaud him, the mysterious onlooker then says something and moves into the room. Looking through the translation this is to do with the dual sword technique, Musashi says it's just a dance but the Onlooker who is Marume Nagayoshi says that it's more than that & that Musashi could use it for combat. 

You then hit a combat tutorial which is easy to glide through until the last section, it requires you to hit a combo, then hold down Triangle quickly so that you can gather "Heat", I found it quite temperamental but eventually passed it. The parts that followed were very cutscene heavy so here I used the YouTube video alongside it until it finished. 

The video was the surrounding backstory of war setting up this epic tale and was fairly interesting making me anxious to pick up my sword!. After exploring for a little while I had found a turtle on it's back, I flipped it back over, I have no idea what this has done in the long run but I feel I gained a little Karma doing so. 

Speaking to Marume in a shed behind the Dojo triggered more cutscenes which lead into an epic scene featuring our favourite mad dog Majima! playing Majima Gorohachi. He's trying to Musashi to drink Sake with him but our hero never drinks before a mission, after goading him he throws the Sake into Majima's face & lines up a boss fight. 

Majima is quite nimble but didn't seem to attack much, the fight was over quite quickly and I hit another cut scene discussing a mission and several main characters. Several comments and looks are made during this and it seems you are being sent on a suicide mission under the guise of a secret mission. Originally no one accepts so Musashi steps forwards and accepts which also causes Majima to do so, guess they bonded over fighting. 

The mission is underway and you see Musashi make his first kill which causes him to stand a stare at the blade covered in blood, from this on you have an action stage where you fight your way through to the target!. I really enjoyed the combat section as it felt so familiar but with the sword twist to it, I couldn't activate any HEAT actions using my sword but I could using Hand To Hand, maybe I unlock them further. 

Finally I reach my target, a cutscene happens & it turns out the person you were sent to kill is someone alot more important than originally thought, this spells disaster for Musashi and Majima!. They fight some more guards then split off to meet later. 

That was the end of Chapter 2, it's set it up nicely to the point I cannot wait to get back into this game, I found it alot easier just using YouTube for the cutscenes rather than everything as it's less time consuming. 

Hopefully my next entry shouldn't be so long away! 

Till next time!   

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