Friday, 29 August 2014

News: 3DS Nintendo Direct Roundup

Here's a short roundup of what was announced during Nintendo's latest 3DS Direct.

  • New 3DS model - A new 3DS was announced entitled "New 3DS" (pictured above) It has a few notable features over the original model including - A new C-stick to replicate the slide pad add-on, ZL & ZR buttons, 3D Shake prevention, Interchangeable covers and faster overall performance with a slightly better (half an hour so) battery performance. The model will be available in both standard & XL sizes with a release planned on October 11th in Japan (Importers - Handheld is still region locked)
  • Shulk has been confirmed to feature as a playable character in the new Smash Bros, which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone as the news was leaked earlier in the week
  • Bravely Second will launch for 3DS in Japan this winter Square Enix announced during the Direct, with a new trailer being shown. 
  • Xenoblade Announced for New 3DS - Nintendo is bringing Xenoblade Chronicles (first launched for Wii a few years ago) exclusively to the New 3DS, as according to Nintendo, the game will only run on the new model due to its improved CPU & control system.
  • New firmware update - A new firmware patch due to launch in October is set to add custom themes for the consoles Home menu. Nothing else was mentioned for the new update, but more details are promised soon.
Not much else was mentioned during the Direct, with the big news obviously being a first look at the newly designed 3DS - although rumours abound that Nintendo has no plans to release the New 3DS at any point during 2014 in the west.

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  1. That second analog stick should have been a launch feature for the original 3DS, plus I prefered the Start/Select buttons at the bottom with the home menu screen. On a plus side theyve improved the internet browser and battery so maybe I'll pick this up someday when it gets localized (unless its region free).