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Otaku Feature: Kenzan Diary #3

Diary Entry #3.

So it's once again been a fair bit of time between this and the previous entry, this is due to having reviews to focus on and I wanted to spend a little more time with Kenzan! to make this a little more of an interesting read. 

Where I left off last time Musashi & Majima had just stormed a stronghold, killed the wrong person and run off to the meeting point. 
The chapter started with Musashi & Majima made their way to the meeting point which was an abandoned temple, During the down time as they were the only ones there a discussion broke out into which Musashi admitted that this was the first time he'd killed anyone.
The only issue with this is that he admits to enjoying the feeling, Majima mentions to forget that train of thought as it'd be too easy to fall to the path of murderer. 

The calm is ruined fairly abruptly when the enemy arrive, Majima & Musashi decide to stand their ground and do a good job of it until Sasaki Kojirou turns up. For those unaware of who this is, historically he is considered to be Musashi's greatest rival. Feeling it's dire straights Musashi wields both his swords, a first for this period and attempts to take his rival on dual style. 
Unfortunately Musashi is easily overwhelmed and almost killed until Majima jumps in front of one blow thus losing his eye. Sasaki says how they will never win and all they can do is run, Musashi takes this to heart, grabs Majima and jumps off the nearest cliff to escape. 

The next chapter started with Musashi & Majima trying to cross a bridge, Majima was in a bad way and just as they started to cross troops turned up. After fighting well over a handful off it cut to a scene showing more troops had appeared behind them trapping them on this rope bridge. Majima then in an heroic act orders Musashi off the bridge and cuts the rope plummeting himself and the foes into the cavern below.
Some time passes and Musahsi turns up on a farm looking worse for wear, he bumps into a young women who happens to be Majima's sister, she invites him in tends to his wounds. 
Musashi then starts working on the farm after hanging his sword up forever, one night he tries to present Majima's sister with his sword to honour his memory.
She refuses this to much confusion, she then goes on to tell Musashi that Majima had killed her parents and adopted her as a little sister and as such she can't take the blade as they are not blood related. 

Just then a commotion is heard outside, bounty hunters have appeared looking for Majima! after a brief conversation Musashi gets them to check their bounties and lo and behold he is also there. You fight off the bounty hunters until one nearly gets the best of you, Majima's sister blindsides him with your blade before getting hit herself as he turns round. Musashi defeats him and as Ukiyo (Had to double check the name) is dying her last wish is for him to protect the weak with his sword. Naturally an old man turns up and accuses Musashi of mudering Ukiyo and forces him back on the run!.

This final chapter for this diary has Musashi turning up at a temple in the rain pursued by Bounty Hunters, he tries his hardest to hold them off but finds himself getting overwhelmed. Suddenly a monk comes out, after being mocked one of the bounty hunters swings for him, the monk blocks the blade with his fingers and then starts his assault causing the hunters to turn tail & run.
Musashi and the Monk then stay in the temple before heading to Gion in the morning, here was my first small taste of freedom as I had to make my way to Gion. I took my time as you can now get into random battles so I went about enjoying & getting to grips with the combat in this before entering Gion. 

As they get there you see a women who looks just like Ukiyo working for one of the brothels, the Monk takes you there to see her and it's here Mushashi drops his real name for "Kiryuu". A angry customer starts shouting and Kiryuu fights him  off defending the brothel. He looks shocked but pleased when he is given offerings for defending the place.
The last scene shows that Kiryuu has set up his own shop, the monk says that he knew who he was and he isn't going to tell anyone who Mushashi is as he just wanted to see what kind of person he was. He also gives him the personal name Kazumanosuke in reference to being a lone war horse. 

That's all for this diary, the next one will be less story focused as after chapter 5 the game opens to be more free like previous RGG titles so i'll be tackling Sub Stories and seeing everything the game has to offer.  

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