Friday, 1 August 2014

News: New Danganronpa 2 Screenshots

NISAmerica have released a fresh batch of Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair screenshots.
This latest batch take a look at the games class trail elements :
  • Logic Dive - You'll skateboard through a glowing path, interrupted by questions. Answering correctly will lead you down the right path, but the wrong answer will throw you off course and reset the Logic Dive!
  • Hangman's Gambit - Letters are flying across the screen, and you have to pick out the ones you need to spell out your key evidence! Correct spelling lands you points, and you can fuse like letters together to form larger yet stationary letters that are worth even more points! But these big letters will detonate if you're too slow to use them, and if mismatched letters collide with each other, your health bar will take a big hit!
  • Rebuttal Showdown - Characters won't just sit back and let you talk this time around. Your arguments can be interrupted, and you'll have to use evidence to cut down their arguments in this frenetic, one-on-one debate! The tropical sun's bringing some serious heat to the Class Trial!
Danganronpa 2 is due for the PSVita on September 2nd (NA) & 5th (EU)


  1. I really loved the storylines in this series, the only thing that I wasn't a fan of was the courtroom minigames as I found them to be awkward due to some of the imput choices made. I also wasn't a fan in the original game of how they spread the courtroom learning curve throught the game, really wish they had just done a tutorial from the start. Hopefully the sequel will be better.

  2. Laaattteee reply sorry lol. Just been giving some articles some lovin'.
    I liked the game but as you have said some of the courtroom games are very awkward. I did not mind the courtroom getting more difficult through the game as this spread the features out a bit. The problem with the courtroom scenes for me was that some of the clues were not glaringly related to information you hand found out and because of this i rarely felt like the clever detective you are supposed to be. A few times i found myself guessing because of the coutroom scenes even though i knew the answer the true/false part in Bullet Time could be very vague. The storyboard could also have some pictures that were hard to work out the meaning of even if you know the right order of events.