Monday, 27 October 2014

News: #killallzombies Invading the PS4 this Week

Indie title #killallzombies is set to invade the PS4 in the US this week at a reasonable price of $13.99!

#killallzombies is a wave survival game that sees you take hordes of zombies with each wave being that more difficult that the last.  A feature which stands out is that the wave does not move on when all zombies are killed - it just gets bigger.  So, if you are falling behind on the killing from the previous wave, you will find yourself stuck with them in future waves until you wipe them all out!

Key Features:
  • Bosses fights. Bosses are big enemies with unique attack mechanics in certain waves, you must find ways to evade any zombie bosses you encounter.
  • Perks and weapons. The perks have a tremendous power to each of them that can shift the balance of power from the hordes of zombies surrounding you to the player and given when you have enough XP.
  • Streaming interactions. When in broadcast mode there is a different element of gameplay available to the player in order to engage socially as we actually involve spectators within the gameplay, so they can interact with players while watching a live stream of you playing.

We have reached out for a European release date but in the mean time sit back and enjoy the insane trailer below which shows of the Streaming Interaction;

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