Tuesday, 28 October 2014

News: Toukiden Producer Contemplating Consoles

Toukiden Kiwami producer Takashi Morinaka spoke with Famitsu regarding the series. It appears that he is looking towards possibly working on consoles in future when expanding the series:
“Toukiden wasn’t without its fun on the PSP and Vita, but I don’t think it’s going to surprise anyone if I say the game’s presentation was hampered by what the PSP hardware could do,” Morinaka told the magazine. “Knowing that, I want to strive to improve the series on that front, as well as get it developed for home consoles.” 
“Basically, I want there to be that ecosystem where you can play the game away from home on your portable system, and then when you get back, keep playing it on your console. 
“We’ve definitely gotten a lot requests from overseas players asking that the series come out on consoles, too, so hopefully they keep speaking up in large numbers so we can make this happen.”


  1. Im cool with it as long as they relase both ports at the same time (PSVITA/PS4).

  2. Hopefully this trend in Japan recently of developing games for both the Ps4 & Vita continues with how interconnected the two seem to be. Im considering a PSTV so Im hoping more games will feature support for that too

  3. I'm surprised they don't do this more often with the PS3. The xbox 360 is dead/dying in all major regions but i see PS3 going strong for another year or two.