Wednesday, 26 November 2014

News: Criminal Girls Invite Only Release Date

NISAmerica have announced the release date for Criminal Girls: Invite Only & a limited edition.
As well as the standard version, available digital & at retail, A $51.99 limited edition is avilable to order on the NIS America Online Store that includes a copy of the game, art book, soundtrack CD, and special box (Pictured above) Criminal Girls: Invite Only will launch for PSVita on February 3rd (NA) & February 6th (EU). A batch of new screenshots are also ready to vierw below:


  1. No word on Europe yet... Which will be interesting to see...

  2. Aye. I wouldn't be surprised if the release information for the limited edition in the EU has been held back as they mull a few things over. I don't use the new NISA EU store myself, but I know of the constant backlash due to their pricing structure. At least NISA never let us down when it comes to physical retail releases in the EU I suppose

  3. Yupo. They did kinda stop selling to EU from the NISA store...

    But my theory is that the products there are still actually in the U.S stock, so the price has extra on them for that.

    Other than that i am stunned that they decided to open the physical location in a country that doesn't use euros and is expensive as hell :/

  4. Damm they went all out on that special eddition boxset!