Thursday, 27 November 2014

News: Yakuza 0 Delves into Real Estate

Sega has released  new screenshots & information for Yakuza 0's real estate section for Kiryu.
The press release was translated via [Gematsu], which introduces the games real estate aspect that Kiryu will focus on during his part of the game. The screenshots show how this will play out as well as introducing some of the 'Kamurocho Billionaires' that are to be Kiryu's rivals during the endavour:
Background Information: After getting caught up in some nasty business, Kiryu ends up taking the reigns of a local real estate firm. In turn, he makes rivals with a group of men known as the “Five Kamurocho Billionaires,” engaging in a high-stakes game of money in the hopes of ultimately gaining control of Kamurocho and a hefty bank account. 
Basic Gameplay: Kamurocho Money Island is a strategy game mode set in Kamurocho, which is split up into five different areas that are ruled by each of the individual billionaires. Kiryu’s job is to buy up local businesses like restaurants and adult shops and invest in them so as to increase his influence over the local market. The plotline subsequently unfolds as he controls more and more of Kamurocho, getting into fights with his rivals and encountering the sort of dramatic developments that are part and parcel of the Yakuza series.
Yakuza 0 is set to launch on March 12th in Japan for PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4.

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