Tuesday, 25 November 2014

News: Kantai Collection Sailing onto PSVita

Kadokawa Games have announced Kantai Collection Kai during their 2014 Media briefing.
The release is the final name for the the PSVita adaption of Kantai Collection, a popular browser based game in Japan. Although a new interface will be developed for the PSVita release, the base game will still utilise aspects of the browser release. A release is pencilled in for Spring 2015. You can watch a new trailer below:


  1. Yeah I'm not holding my breath on this games localization!

  2. Yeah its a shame really. Luckily there's a full english guide to playing the browser version of the game (http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Tutorial:_How_to_Play) so if it is just a port with a tweaked UI, then importing & using the guide could be an option. Ive been considering jumping on the browser game for a while but I may wait it out & see how the Vita version turns out