Saturday, 10 January 2015

Feature: Albert's 2014 list

2014 has been a hell of a year, for releases and my backlog struggle.  Lots of skepticism plagued the internet about whether or not the Vita would receive notable releases and it did, thanks to 3rd party publishers.  The 3DS no doubt, also was home to some amazing titles, as a handheld gamer, 2014 is hands down one of the best years in a while.  It’s also been a year or so since I’ve started writing for Otaku Gamers UK, I’m an amateur but I have always wanted to write and express my opinions on what I play and on what I love.  I feel like I’ve grown as a writer over the past year and I would love to thank Andi and Geoff, for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Game of the Year

Freedom Wars

It took me a couple of days to make up my mind on my GotY, between Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus and Freedom Wars, I definitely have to say that Freedom Wars is my GotY.
Freedom Wars stood out from every game released on the 3DS and Vita, it stood out from all of the hunting games that released this year and the previous year.  The visuals, the tight gameplay, the replay value, and the amazing co-op experience is something that I feel stood out from the rest.   The online community is not only alive but very dedicated, I never once felt stumped on a mission because I knew I could hop online and finish it with a group.  Even after beating the game, I find myself coming back to the game constantly to play for short bursts.

Honorable Mentions

Pokémon Omega Ruby

I quit Pokémon for quite some time during High School, I felt that the series was becoming stale and it wasn’t doing much too really innovate the games within the series.  Pokémon Y/X, changed that I found myself playing Pokémon again.  Then Pokémon Omega Ruby/Sapphire came out this year, and I found myself sucked.  There has been many debates about which gen of Pokémon games are the best, but in my personal opinion, Ruby and Sapphire are the best games in the franchise.   Omega Ruby has me captivated and I feel like I’ve been sucked into the Pokémon universe once again, and the new altered story line is great,  I feel like Omega Ruby’s story really stands out from the rest of the games and I actually felt attached to the characters and their back stories. 

Pokémon Omega Ruby is a wonderful remake and this entry in the series definitely has me interested in Pokémon once again.  I’m looking forward to the future entries in the series.

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax

I’ve been eying this game since its announcement, who doesn’t want to play a fighting game starring their favorite Anime/Manga characters?  While the game is a little easy compared to the much more hardcore fighting games like, Guilty Gear and Street Fighter.  Despite that however, Fighting Climax proves to be a blast to play, not a fan of Kirito from Sword Art Online? Okay, you can beat him to a pulp with Rentaro from Black Bullet.  Despite not having a single clue about what the story mode is about, I had fun playing through each characters story mode.

Please look out for my review and impressions early this month.

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds

Phantom Breaker is a little gem, I had a blast playing through the game with each of the cute girls that were in the game.  I felt that this game was largely dismissed for being an arcade like game and a PSN only game.  The gameplay is addicting and the visuals really stood out because of how well animated the sprites were, did I mention that you could play as Kurisu from Steins Gate?  Yeah, you can play as the best waifu from Steins Gate.  I had so much fun performing 100+ hit combos with each of the characters because of the insane damage that you dealt was so satisfying.  If you haven’t gotten the chance to play this game and are looking for a great brawler to play on your spare time, please give Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds a chance.

I have a review for the game on the site, so if you have any other concerns please use that as a reference of sorts.

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