Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Feature: Des' 2014 List

Happy New Year Folks
2014 is over and the best way t had to celebrate is to take a look back on what the year had to offer,
Honestly, this year has been a little strange one for me as gaming has not grabbed me as much as previous years.  This is due to me personally having a very busy year.  Heck, I got married!  Due to this I have been rather picky with what I have played and if I was to choose my best game of the year by the number of hours played, Minecraft would take the title - I have put an unhealthy amount of time into that game!

Right, lets get back on track.
My choice for Game of the year is a title that surprised many players and was discussed muchly amongst my piers.

Game Of The Year

Wolfenstein The New Order

With all the blockbusters out this year you must be wondering why I chose this.  Wolfenstein managed to capture what I loved about old 90s FPS games that I use to play on my PC when I was younger.  The game had a great story, over the top action and above all it was a lot of fun.  Your alternative WW2 adventure takes from the watery depths all the way to the moon where guns fire lasers.  Lasers!? What more do you need out of a game?

Honourable Mentions

Every game cannot be Game of the Year but there are plenty that could have easily been.  Here are my top three titles that I played in 2014.

South Park Stick of Truth

I had followed this game from the first time it was announced but it did not have a smooth ride.  It lost its publisher and was delayed many times but after all that ( and a fantastic lead up in the actual TV show) it delivered everything that you would expect from South Park.  It was very short for an RPG but it had the fundamentals of a solid RPG and when you mix that with the usual crazy South Park story line you end up with a very fun experience.  This is a game that I highly recommend any fan to play.

Infamous Second Son

Second Son, for me, was the first game that amazed be both in the graphics and gameplay departments.  Gameplay is key for me in any game but the first time I saw the smoke and neon effects I was blown away.  It was such a smooth game to play - it made for some interesting fight combos that made it a blast to play.  It did trip over itself story wise but overall it was an interesting tale that sits nicely in the Imfamous Universe.  Plus it pathed the way for one of the easiest characters to cos play as!

Shadow of Mordor

I was very sceptical of this title when I first heard of it.  I had not even look into the title as I feel we have not had a good Middle Earth game for a long while.  Boy was I wrong about this one.  As soon as I found out it was Middle Earth mixed with Batman and Assassin's Creed game play (three of my favourite things in media) I was hooked instantly.  Needless to say, the game was purchased and a lot of fun was (and still) is being had.  It is such a fun game to play, especially after a tough day at work!  The Nemesis System helps change how you play the game.  It forces you to try actions out that you would never have thought of before.  I really hope this franchise continues strong in the future!

There are many other games that could have easily been in my top three including titles that I have only just starting playing.  For me though they will have to roll over in this year and be added to the already huge back log!  Amongst the other great titles coming out this year, I can honestly say it is going to a busy year.

So, Happy New Year to all our readers and if any one needs me I will be getting lost in a pixelated world.


  1. Good list Des, personally id like to see South Park make the jump to Vita, but that's just me.

  2. We can all dream!