Thursday, 8 January 2015

Feature: Jay's 2014 list

Hey guy's its Jay here it’s that time of year where we look back at the games we have seen come to our shelf’s, racks, and storage boxes this last year and pick out the ones that are so good they take pride of place in our display, at least until next year when something better comes along or you have ended up with too many display units, sadly sometimes it is inevitable and the rotations begin

So this year has been a good year for gamers as such it proved a little more difficult than I would have liked to compile my list otherwise I'd basically be giving you a list of everything I'd brought this year, but I finally managed to limit it to 4 including my choice for GOTY and 3 very highly placed runner up's.

First up my GOTY...

I had to go with Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD

If you haven’t played these games by now you seriously need to the remix version offers so much in story, development and nostalgia despite the fact I know I still have the feels at set points (I won’t say just in case some of you haven’t played it) I love running around the worlds I grew up watching as as a child in glorious HD, the Disney aspect appeals to the younger fans while the deep RPG elements draw in some of the rest exposing them to beautifully designed worlds, a deep story as well as reintroducing some all-time beloved characters and highlighting the bonds people share. This game provides every time and I'm so glad we finally got the remixed version as well as all this on the same disk you get the Birth by Sleep remixed version and I can't tell you how long I have waited to play this game with re-balanced controls for the Dualshock3 ,both games are on the same disc and have been upgraded visually and audibly creating a richer experience with more balance.

In close second place we have …… Sword Art Online!

This game is amazing! It is as simple as that, for a long time I have been a fan of .hack and wanted more games like it this because I love the gameplay style of titles in that genre, the mmo feel in a single player game was a huge selling point for me at first. I am however personally not much of an online multiplayer person myself so when I saw a new game single player based inside an MMO world I was very excited as you can imagine but it did not prepare me for what was to come. Despite the somewhat lackluster English translation this game had me hooked from the get go, the opening is beautiful, glorious anime scenes. It features a huge world and story that is larger than most other games, then you take into account the extras like side missions, requests an added zone it's simply massive, even after putting in 30 hours in the first week of having it I had not really scratched the surface of what it had to offer. The game is visually stunning and provides many contrasts in zones and enemy's. I doubt I will have this game finished any time soon and I am more than a little happy about that fact.

Next up we have Fairy Fencer f...

This was undoubtedly making it onto my list I wanted to play this game from the very first moment I saw it. Sadly I had to wait a long time before release day but when I finally did get it I played it for 56 hours straight, it's frigging beautiful and has an absolutely kick ass OST. It kept me entertained pushing forward and some would say I was a little obsessed with doing each and every challenge the game offered. I highly recommend this beauty for any fans of hyperdimention or mugen souls you should feel right at home and enjoy the animation and systems hopefully as much as I did.

Next up is Freedom Wars

As a fan of this hunter type of game I was ecstatic for this. It is what I have come to expect from things like god eater burst, monster hunter and lord of arcana. we don’t get nearly enough of this type of game in my opinion and though I love the others, Freedom Wars adds a special little something a powerful deep story featuring a clear cut vision of our future as humans. The added bonus of been able to have almost any playstyle is brilliant and I don’t mean just a case of long or short range you can be a stone wall of a medic or a sniper that can take care of things up close as well as the speed of the game your always on the move thinking what to do next as well as the thorn system adding an extra level of exploration that is entirely new to this type of game.

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