Wednesday, 2 April 2014

News: Dynasty Warriors 8 comparison Trailer

With the release of DW8 Xtreme Legends/Complete edition due this Friday in the EU for Ps3, Ps4 & PSVita, Tecmo Koei have released a comparison trailer showing the differences between the two console versions in particular. While many people gloss over the improvements on the ps4 release, claiming it looks the same just running at 1080p, those long time veterans of the series like myself can notice some glaring improvements. Aside from the obvious bump in resolution/detail & framerate, the lighting seems to have been tweaked to offer a more realistic hue to proceedings with a metallic shader implemented for armour & weapons to give them a much more realistic look as well. Polygon count is upped - offering better character modelling, longer draw distance and a higher on screen enemy count that improves on the good work laid down with the Ps3 version of DW8. That's not the end of the improvements, judging by this trailer at least, but we're not Digital Foundry after all so I'll end it there

Which version will you be looking to acquire when the trio launches on the 4th April?

Source [PushSquare] [Youtube]

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