Thursday, 3 April 2014

News: New Details for Toukiden Kyoku

As confirmed in the latest issue of Famitsu, Toukiden Kyoku is currently in development and due out later this year in Japan.
This PS Vita & PSP title is an upgraded version of the original game.  What we will be getting is more story. new demons, new equipment and other bonuses.  Sounds all exciting for Toukiden fans.  To top this off Famitsu has released a preview today including the first set of screen shots.

The new section of story takes place three months after the original.  After the previous events, the citizens of Utakata Village are finally living at peace but an unknown beast has emerged in the lands and is ready for a new battle!  As well as the new demons (up to twice as many), there is also a new NPC, Koyomi, who carries a new Naginata weapon.

So, are you ready for battle again?

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