Friday, 13 June 2014

News: Fatal Frame Movie Synopsis

With a new Fatal frame on the way for WiiU, how does the movie sound?
4Gamers recently shared a synopsis with some screengrabs of the upcoming movie thats due on September the 26th in Japan. Siliconera uploaded a brief synopsis of what was shown by 4Gamers:

 The story takes place at a school dorm located in an occluded mountain town. That’s where Aya lives, a young girl who keeps to herself in her room. However, one day an incident occurred on campus…

One after another, students began to mysteriously disappear. It wasn’t long until they discovered their dead bodies, after they’ve drowned. For an unknown reason, prior to their disappearance, it was said that they heard Aya’s voice after looking at a photograph.

Her voice would tell them “please, lift my curse…” and on the photograph, was a girl who looked just like Aya.

A classmate by the name Michi steps in to investigate the matter, as she felt a strange suspicion that Aya had something to do with the incident. However, after visiting Aya’s dorm room, she finds it completely locked shut.

Rumors began circulating that Aya was the culprit of a curse that only affects girls—the midnight curse. Michi eventually began to feel the effects of the curse. And one day…  out of nowhere… the real Aya suddenly shows up in front of her.

Source [Siliconera] [4Gamers]

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