Wednesday, 11 June 2014

News: Let it Die Famitsu Info & Screenshots

Suda & GungHo CEO Kazuki Morshita interview with Famitsu sheds some light on Let it Die.

  • According to Suda, the basic gameplay conceit of Let It Die revolves around the idea of granting meaning to death in a video game. with an example being that if your character dies during the game, your avatar can appear in another person’s game as an NPC. The majority of NPC's in the game will actually be made up of AI cotrolled avatars of dead players from other games, owing to the titles asynchronous nature.
  • All players will begin unarmed, wearing nothing but underwear & a gas mask. Your equipment and weapons can be stolen off of defeated enemies,  although that wont always be necessary given the game’s survival elements, which emphasise item procurement within a localised area.
  • The game has a large emphasis on action, with each weapon having its own distinct characteristics. While there is a levelling system in place, its claimed that it isn’t as straightforward as it is in many other games. The game also has no ranking system as of yet, although there are plans in place to make players’ strength relative to each other intuitively apparent. The overall goal of the game is said to be something along the lines of being number one in the world though.
  • Let It Die is free-to-play. While the team are still working on how to go about this aspect, Morishita and Suda are both quick to emphasize that purchasable weapons aren’t being considered, as it’s believed that such a move would compromise the integrity of the game’s survival aspects. A smart phone companion app is also being developed.

Let it Die is due for release sometime during 2015 for the Playstation 4.


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