Tuesday, 10 June 2014

News: More Bloodborne Details

Hot on the heels of the Bloodborne announcement last night, Famitsu have a cover story which reveals many new details.

The story is about a sickness which turns humans into beasts which in turn helped create Beast Hunters whose job it is to neutralise these beasts.   The two words which spring up for Bloodborne are Beast & Blood and this is apparent in the trailer we were treated too last night. 
Just like previous titles, the combat is very strategic and not just a case of hack & slash. 
Bloodborne started development right after the DLC was finished for the first Dark Souls when SCE Japan approached From Software about creating a new game for a brand new platform. 
The aim is 1080p ruining at 30 fps. Players will be able to customise their characters and the strangest feature is that there will be no map display!

Bloodborne is due out in Japan in 2015. No window set for US or EU, yet. 

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