Friday, 13 June 2014

News: Senran Kagura 2 Wraiths Detailed

Not only do you fight ninja's in Senran kagura 2: Deep Crimson, but Wraiths too.
Famitsu recently published some concept art/screenshots & information on these monsters you'll encounter:

Orochi is a wraith that was summoned by Orochi. For some reason it was summoned in an incomplete form, so it uses parts of wrecked castles to create its armour & parts of its body.

The Goza is a giant wraith that shows up from water & resembles an octopus. It is bewildered by all the faces on its body, and can be seen keeping a close hold on a ship.

 Jyura is a wraith that has fallen from the breasts of a giant shadow (seriously) Its round bodies are made from the regrets of dead young girls who admired adults.

 The Mikami are half-human & half-centipede wraith sisters who like to play around with powerful gusts and roaring thunder.

Source [Siliconera] [Famitsu]



  1. Is anybody concerned that Senran Kagura is becoming a monster hunting game? Oh well as long as itvdoesnt affect the plot ill be fine =3

  2. Yeah I hear you on that. I really enjoyed the arcade side-scrolling leanings of the original. The only thing it really needed was coop adding, which they have in this sequel, but some of these other additions are a little puzzling.