Wednesday, 22 October 2014

News: Wild Season Heading to Consoles in 2015

The Harvest Moon inspired Wild Season has been announced for consoles by Quickfire Games.
Wild Season was  funded on Kickstarter in December & at the time it was confirmed for a release on iOS, Android, Ouya, Windows, Mac, and Linux, with a PSVita and Wii U release a possibility. The game has now been confirmed for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One - with a 3DS version being considered, although any mention of the aforementioned WiiU release seems elusive at the moment. You can pre-order Wild Season on its website for Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android. Latest trailer is available below:


  1. Why is the Wii U release so elusive? sorry I didnt really follow this kickstarter when it happened so Im sure I miss some details.

  2. There just hasn't been any mention of it since the original Kickstarter, not even with this new announcement regarding a release on Ps4, Xbox One & Vita. There could be a few reasons for the WiiU's omission from the news, but it just seems a little too under the radar at the moment

  3. "Coming this 2015"
    Is that instead of coming the next 2015 or the one after that?

  4. So It is coming! Its just being Elusive as we're figuring out details! As details on how we will get it on Wii U still elude us, as we're unsure if we will work with a third party company to port it as we're planning for the 3DS or whether we will do it ourselves via our game engine.