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Feature: Otaku Gamers Staff TGS Reactions

TGS 2014 has passed and the staff here at Otaku Gamers have collected their thoughts on the event.  To many, TGS 2014 has been the best TGS in years and to some this show still lacked some of the magic of past TGS events.  Here is what our writers thought about this years event, enjoy! 

I honestly thought TGS this year was pretty awesome for announcements. Some of the games were announced prior at Sonys pre-TGS conference, but TGS was great for getting to see actual gameplay footage for some of those games.I wasn't really looking forward to any announcements for TGS, I know a lot of people wanted to see P5 but I'm glad it was a no show as it would've taken attention from other titles. Senran KaguraEstival Versus gameplay footage & screenshots was the highlight of the show for me, its looking great so far on PS4 and is likely to follow the rest of the series in seeing a release in the west. Another would be footage I posted of Earth Defense Force 4.1 that showed the introduction of a mech to the series, plus it actually looked smooth so they may have finally nailed a smooth framerate on PS4 for the series. I wouldn't say there was much to disapoint me personally, I got what I wanted in lots of the PS4 announcements -but how many of those will come west is another question altogether. I guess we'll see in the coming months. 

TGS 2014 was pretty big on the mobile department this year but there was still lots of handheld and console gaming goodness the game i have to be most hyped for would have to be Disgaea 5 and HDN ReBirth 3 both Disgaea's and HDN are 2 of my top favorite game series. Maybe some more info on persona 5 would had been nice,  I'm really look forward to getting my hands on it. 
I always enjoy the cosplay at TGS as well but the main most important part is seeing all the new games that are being worked on and what I would love to see next year is some more info on more new PS4 games. 

An anticipated sequel to the Disgaea franchise.

Personally and this shouldn't come off as much of a surprise but the game I was most looking forward to was Ryu Ga Gotoku 0/Yakuza Zero. As a note though I must say I was really impressed by Final Fantasy XV & the re-announcement of Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Survivor 2 Break Record.  
For Yakuza Zero what interested me the most about it was the radical changes they are making with it, from the management sim side gameplay to the money based leveling up system. Another thing that highly interests me is a chance to see a different side of both Kiryu & Majima as from what Sega have said they will be quite different from the characters they are today.  
Honestly at TGS I expected to see a little more from Persona 5 & held a little hope for a localization for Yakuza 5, neither of these materialized but honestly the latter was just a pipe dream. I also wanted to see more of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3.  
Honestly now that TGS has been & gone I personally feel a little let down by it, I was really hyped for it in the run up but can't actually remember rushing to any website for any of the announcements bar Yakuza 0. I do think next year there should be more footage for titles being released as far too many just had teaser footage or just a few screens. 

Okay Atlus now where is SMTxFE?

The only thing that's been on my radar at TGS this year beyond Persona 5 (of which we still know very little about even after the show) has been Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The thirty minute gameplay demonstration given at TGS 2014 has me psyched for what I hope will actually be a more substantial Metal Gear experience rather than what Ground Zeroes or even Metal Gear Solid 4 provided, and if nothing else, things like the dummy surprise attack or the grenade trickshot demonstrated in the video suggest that, if nothing else, this game will have it's share of awesome "watercooler" moments. Colour me stoked. 

 To be honest I was not too impressed by TGS. One reason is that there was not a lot of surprises and I felt that the west had invaded heavily. The only game which has me really exited is Bloodborne. I think this game is looking fantastic and I am really looking forward to what this brings to the table. I would have liked to see some Kingdom Hearts 3 especially with 2.5 HD around the corner.  As for next year - I am not sure what to expect. With it being the last convention of the gaming year it is really hard to say what it will show off next! 

This years TGS is probably the best in years, there were so many games announced and there were updates given by developers for games that we haven't heard much about.  The game that stole the show in my opinion is FFXV, we finally got a massive information dump about FFXV.  We got a good preview on how the games world looks like, we also got know the main cast a little better.  The visuals also looked top notch and I'm excited to see if the FF team can top what they have done so far.   I am disappointed by the lack of Persona 5 news however, it's nice that a PS4 version of the game will launch alongside the PS3 version but I really wanted more insight on the game.  Maybe we'll see more at a closed Atlus event or stream, also Kaneko where are you?  TGS 2014 definitely has set the bar for my expectations for next years event.   

Kaneko is probably lost in a meadow again.

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  1. For me Persona 5 being cross platform was a high note, however Im concerned about Senran Kagura Estival Versus and God Eater Rage Burst 2 being made for the PS4 as it worries me over what it could do for the eventual localization of the Vita ports (or lack thereoff).