Wednesday, 22 October 2014

News: Possible Attack on Titan Localisation Incoming

The possibility of a localisation for Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind has been found. According to the Australian Classification Board, Atlus is to be localising the Spike Chunsoft action game, with the title receiving a MA15+ rating & is listed as simply “Attack on Titan.”

Source [NeoGAF]


  1. As long as its the definitive version I'll be happy.

  2. Its a shame there isn't more information other than 'Attack on Titan' It would be pointless to overlook the revamped version due for release soon and release the original, but stranger things have happened

  3. I'd hazard a guess to say it's the original version.

    I'm not up to date in the slightest with AoT but using previous experience the English Dub is more than likely far behind the actual show. Companies usually use this to their advantage and produce the games out around those arcs citing spoiler warning and what not. I believe Naruto is a huge exception to this now but as I said I really don't know AoT bar the fact it's a thing.

    Also it gives them a chance to look at sales & truly take your wallet to the cleaners by re-releasing the upgrade 6 month down the line for the "fans" regaining an internet hero status.