Monday, 20 October 2014

News: Icebound's Greenlight Push

Icebound is a steam-punk fantasy Visual Novel with puzzle elements on Steam Greenlight.
The game features an interactive story that is effected by your decisions, with a puzzle based alchemy system to add to the titles overall gameplay structure.
"In a world covered by ice, Dougal is a pragmatic traveling alchemist who likes to keep a low profile. But, when he and his bat-like Familiar, Isaac, wind up stuck in an isolated town, he realizes that the key to incredible power might be hidden there. The only problem: he has to earn it. Now, he must compete against several other unusual alchemists to complete a dangerous challenge and slay a fearsome monster. But, with a clockwork tiger giving the orders, and Agent Lamia of the Imperial intelligence service poking her nose into their business, could the master alchemist Megistus really be telling them the truth... or leading them into a trap?"
A demo is available for those interested to try [HERE] on the games website, with screenshots and other media to take a look at, before heading over to Steam and voting if the title interests you. There is currently a voice pack under development too that will give all the characters spoken dialogue, which is due to be offered as a free update to all those that have already purchased the title via other distributions. Its an intriguing title, with the promise of a fully featured & voiced Steam release in the works, so why not take a look at a few links here & see if its of interest for yourself. We may be able to offer a review for those still sitting on the fence looking for more information on how the game fares.
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  4. Studio's [WEBSITE]