Thursday, 20 February 2014

News - Release Date for Ragnarok Odyssey Ace

XSEED have announce that Ragnarok Odyssey Ace will release in the US and EU on April 1st form the PS3 and PSVita. 
The PSVita will ship retail and digitally with a price stamp of $34.99 and will include a bonus soundtrack of 25 songs from the game.  The PS3 version will cost $39.99 and again available retail or digital. 

This upgraded action RPG originally release on the PSVita in 2012 includes many news features;

  • The Tower of Yggdrasil 400-floor dungeon
  • New Ace Skill system
  • A dozen new elite AI mercenaries
  • New character customization options

Also, the original games ending is now the midpoint!  Check out the new trailer below.

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