Monday, 28 April 2014

News: Incoming update for Ps4 F2P Dream Club

D3 will be updating the F2P Ps4 title, Dream Club: Host Girls on Stage, on May 1st.
The update will add the option of costume changing to the game. A large roster of costumes have already been prepared that will be usable for FREE, with some costumes launching alongside that will require purchasing of course. Note: Not all characters will be able to wear all costumes unfortunately, depending on their size.

Tidy Uniform/Red (Free)
Puff Sleeve Uniform/Green (Free)
Cute Uniform/Yellow (Free)
Tight Mini Uniform/Navy Blue (Free)
Pleated Mini Uniform/Gray (Free)
Adult Uniform/Peach (Free)
Sexy Uniform/Blue (Free)
Shorts Uniform/Brown (Free)
Goth-Loli Style Uniform/Purple (Free)
Mechanical Uniform/Indigo Blue (Free)
Royal Uniform/Brown (Free)
Futuristic Uniform/Light Blue (Free)
Box Pleated Uniform/Purplish Red (Free)
Reception Uniform (Free)
One-Piece Swimsuit (Paid)
Bunny Girl (Paid)
Sailor (Paid)
Onsen Yukata (Paid)

Source [Gematsu]

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