Friday, 6 June 2014

News: Corpse Party Blood Drive Opening Movie

5pb. & Mages have released the opening movie for Corpse Party: Blood Drive.
The game is set two months after the events of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, and follows Ayumi as she enrols in Kisaragi Academy, where a mysterious boy appears and tells her that the Book of Shadows can help bring her dead friends back to life. The game is set to release in Japan on July 24th for the PSVita, no date is set for the west yet but with how previous releases have fared on PsP when localised - its a possibility

Source [Gematsu]


  1. The first three games were pretty cool, so I'm excited for this one and Corpse Party 2.

  2. This one is looking good on Vita, I hope we see a localisation. The news the other day of XSEED porting Corpse Party over to PC, which will be shown at E3, was pretty surprising.

  3. I only hope they release the localization physical, since I don't trust Sony with my personal information and apparently downloading PS Vita games from amazon isn't possible.

    Wasn't the PC version they're porting over this crappy old thing with even worse graphics then what a SNES could do? I'm not exactly excited for that one.

  4. A good way to purchase digital goods is by using pre-paid codes you purchase from stores. That way Sony don't get your personal information =)

    I have Corpse party on PsP & it looks decent enough on that but at the moment Ive not really seen anything of the PC port so Im not sure if its been improved or not from the PsP. I guess we'll have to wait n see during E3

  5. I don't need a PSN account to buy stuff digitally?


  6. Hey onsen. Arent they 2 games?. The original corpse party (or the remakes blood covered) and book of shadows?. Please answer me!! I know the corpse party 2 dead patient. What other corpse party 2 are you talking about? Please inform me im a bit confused but i love this saga i played the original and book of shadows, tanks anticipated

  7. Sachiko's Hysteric Birthday.

    It's about Sachiko's birthday as you would've guessed and she celebrates by not killing anyone for the day. Then she makes ridiculous demands, like having everyone do a play or having them act out a love comedy - by making all the girls compete for Mochida's attention. In their swimsuits. Souds silly but it's really fun. Especially since all the girls are getting into it as well. ("Yuka... Yuka won't let anyone else have her Onii-chan, because Yuka... loves her Onii-chan the most!!")