Friday, 6 June 2014

News: English Onigiri PC Beta Released

A Beta for Onigri has been released in the west.
Although the beta is reputed to be closed, there are currently an 'unlimited' amount of applications being allowed which means you'll have a slot if you so desire. This MMO is already available on PC & Ps4 if you are comfortable with Japanese, but if not then this beta offers an opportunity to see how the game fares - Just remember its a Beta.

You can register for the Beta HERE


  1. Ive read mixed reviews about this game, good thing its a free MMO. Anybody know until how long registration for the Beta is available

  2. It's worth a try with it being free =) I downloaded it for the Ps4 but my Japanese is a little rusty so I've not been able to play it fully. I'll be looking at giving the Beta a playthrough for a possible Preview. I'm not sure myself how long registration is open for but I'll see if I can find out tomorrow.