Thursday, 14 August 2014

News: Ikaruga Creator Working on a Shmup for Ps4

The createor of Ikaruga has announced a new shooter on the way for Playstation 4 - Ubusuna.
Hiroshi Iuchi took to his personal blog to offer some details on the game he & M2 are working on:
“I don’t think it should surprise anyone that the game’s genre is ‘shooting,’” Iuchi said. “It’s the ’50YW’ project I’ve spoken about here a few times. We’re keeping the game system as the base and brushing it up. We’ve built a prototype and are currently tweaking the specs, but for all the changes that weren’t made to the game system, as many changes have been made to the world and story. Since we’re rewriting them how we really want them to be, the background and world of ’50YW’ will be dropped.” Iuchi continued, “The plan is to sell it on PlayStation 4 as a digital download. I won’t say there isn’t the possibility for it to be multiplatform, but in terms of production scale and budget, M2 is focusing on one right now.”
Its noted that an official statement of the game in production is still some way off, but this news should please fans of Shmup's nonetheless.

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  1. This excites me! I used to be obsessed with Bullet Hell games a few years back & Radiant Silvergun/Ikaruga are some the finest produced. Also a notable shout out to anything CAVE, Bug Princess, Deathsmiles & Dodonpachi!